Becoming A Household Name — 5 Proven Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed

Ashley Warren
3 min readJul 23, 2021


It seems like the internet has done wonderful things for businesses of all sorts, but one thing it’s made more difficult is getting your brand noticed.

There’s so much competition out there, it can be hard to even know where to start.

Of course, when there’s a problem, eventually someone thinks up a bright solution — so now there are companies that specialize in getting you noticed, and they know all the best ways to do it.

Here are 5 proven methods for improving your brand’s visibility:

  1. Hyper-Local Advertising
Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

This is the process of targeting customers that are nearby, sometimes as close as within a few blocks.

It may seem like a basic concept, but it’s taken on a new meaning with the internet, and the number of people who search online for whatever they want “near me.”

A good service can help put you at the top of those “near me” searches, as well as local ones in your city or state.

2. Highly Targeted E-mail

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

We all get e-mails from companies who think we might be interested in their services.

We probably all ignore most of them, too — I know I do.

That’s where the targeting comes in — the ones we don’t ignore are for services that we actually are interested in.

It’s a neat trick, and it’s been proven to pay off.

However, it’s only possible using a professional service that can analyze thousands of data points to find the right targets, at the right times.

3. Professional Copywriters

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash

It probably seems like it should be easy to write your own advertisements and targeted e-mails, right?

Well, technically it is, anyone can write them, just like anyone can write a book…

It doesn’t mean people will read it though.

A good marketing service can provide professional writers that know how to hook your potential clients.

They can provide you with materials your customers will actually want to read while getting them interested in your products or services.

4. Video Marketing

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

This is a sure sign of a changing world: hardly anyone watches TV advertisements nowadays.

Oh sure they see them, but people have learned to just tune them out. It’s almost like they’re invisible.

The newer generations frequently get their advertisements in the form of short videos that are separate from other media.

They actually frequently search the ads themselves, a bit unknowingly — stuff like product reviews, endorsements and so on.

5. Trustworthy Sources

You’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing,” and it’s true.

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

People are much more likely to believe and trust something they can see, and the more professional it looks, the more trustworthy it is.

A high-quality marketing service can give you a boost with trustworthy sources that will display your materials for the world to see.

Marketing a brand or business has never been tougher, with all the competition out there today.

At the same time though, there are opportunities available — to those who know what they are, and how to access them — that have never been possible before.

So do yourself a favor, get in contact with a good professional marketing service, and take advantage of those opportunities while you can.

It’s time to take your brand to the next level!